piątek, 22 października 2010

SkyWatch Friday

 Colours of the autumn sky

If you want to see lots of gorgeous photos of the sky, visit SKYWATCH FRIDAY website, please :-)

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  1. Hello Antonina,

    Lovely pictures. All of them.
    The second view is simalar to mine and could be in the UK. The first one is my favourite. Crows' nests?

  2. amazing scenes and skies! thank you for sharing.
    I am now one of your new followers.

  3. Lubie Twoje zdjecia!!! I anioly tez...Pa- Ag z kubka

  4. colorful autumn! very nice shots! happy skywatching!

  5. Thank you for all nice comments. I am glad you like my photos.
    Morememes-they aren't crows' nests. This is mistletoe.
    Agnicy -pozdrawiam serdecznie i dziękuję za zaglądanie do mojego bloga.
    Have a nice weekend:-)

  6. crisp and beautiful! gorgeous photos.


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